Kamp Suckie Fuckaye

           Who We Are

  Kamp Suckie Fuckaye is a Burningman Theme Camp dedicated to bringing shenanigans, cuddle puddles, porta pottie races, Team Predator vs. Pussy Posse scavenger hunts, invigorating games of Segway Smash, and roof top sunrises with the best chosen family one could dream of. Home of Black Rock City’s longest running Fire Conclave, GARNISH.


The things we do


Kamp set up prior to your arrival

Shade structure for your dwellings

Self Reliant community kitchen

Aerial rig and stage

Sound system and saloon

Chill space dome with sweet lights, hammocks

(the perfect place for killing robots)

Shower stall

Lighted pathways throughout

More fun than should be allowed




Things to do for yourself Participation is encouraged (help us make our home beautiful) Bring your own shower bag, Helping at the bar or kitchen, Min. 2 hours of kamp cleanup before departure, Nightly events in kamp laughter and sunrises on top of the saloon
Where your kamp fee goes Rental of truck to playa Generators and gas for community spaces Building supplies and infastructure costs Yearly improvements Kitchen grey water disposal No one makes a profit!

Join the Family!

2016 Kamp Fee Options
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Important Dates

July 23rd and 24th: Kamp Build and social.


July 31 Kamp Fundraiser at Dante's


August 6th and 7th: Kamp build and creative work shop

Bring your bikes and various other projects for repair and decoration for the Playa!


August 12th: final day to pay Kamp Fee. After the 12th the fee goes up 25 dollars till the build crew leaves. Camp fee will be 2oo if received after  August 23rd.


August 23rd: build crew heads to the Playa!

Events we host


Monday: Live bands

Tuesday: Toolsday with fire and rope bondage performances

Wed: Fire conclave night

Thursday morning: sunrise tribute sets

Thursday night: Comedy, Burlesque and Variety Show




You Are Here

4:30 Portal

Located between the Esplanade and “A”

on the 4:30 Axis